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Incline Thine Ear Package - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OFFER

Incline Thine Ear Package - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OFFER

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A Special Savings of 50 Percent!

For nearly 70 years, Kenneth E. Hagin powerfully taught the Word of God. Don't miss the life-giving insight he shares on healing and the Name of Jesus.

• Incline Thine Ear—Jesus' Will to Heal. As a believer, you can walk in healing and all God's blessings by obeying His instructions to "incline thine ear" to His Word. This DVD features timeless insights from Rev. Hagin on the need to feed continually on the Word. • Incline Thine Ear—Faith in the Name of Jesus. Just as faith in the Name of Jesus made the lame walk in the Early Church times, faith in the Name leads to victory in every area of your life today. Rev. Hagin teaches how faith in Jesus' Name can bring victory, provision, and protection. • Incline Thine Ear—Relying on the Name of Jesus. If we have faith in Jesus' Name, we know God hears us when we pray. We don't have to waver or worry—we can rely on His precious Name to deliver us out of all our troubles.

Offer expires January 31, 2024

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