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Prepare: Jesus Is Coming Again! - RHEMA PRAISE SPECIAL OFFER

Prepare: Jesus Is Coming Again! - RHEMA PRAISE SPECIAL OFFER

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Jesus is coming again, and the Church has something to do with Christ's return. Discover the role believers have in bringing Jesus back, and prepare yourself to usher in the second coming of the King!

What's Included:

• Kenneth E. Hagin Legacy Bible. The Kenneth E. Hagin Legacy Bible contains a collection of 26 lessons on faith, a concordance, and "A Harmony of the Four Gospels." It features the King James text and is bound in beautiful black genuine leather.

• Jesus Is Coming Again!, a 3-CD set by Kenneth E. Hagin. Jesus said He is coming again. So why does He delay? Can the Body of Christ hasten His return? According to the Word of God, we can.

• The Life of Obedience, a slimline book by Kenneth W. Hagin. The teachings contained in this book will help believers understand obedience is a lifestyle that opens the door to God's best in their lives.

Offer expires: October 27, 2023

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