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Winning the Good Fight of Faith - RHEMA PRAISE SPECIAL OFFER

Winning the Good Fight of Faith - RHEMA PRAISE SPECIAL OFFER

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To make it through trying circumstances, we must hold on to God's promises. Believing and doing God's Word is how we fight the good fight of faith and obtain the promised blessing.


What's Included:

• Getting Through the Tough Times, a 3-CD series by Kenneth W. Hagin.  Every person experiences seasons when hope seems lost.  As a Christian, though, you can turn to the Word of God and find comfort and help in your time of need.  You can rejoice in even the most difficult of circumstances.

• God's Peace: Experience It All the Time, a slimline book by Lynette Hagin. It's easy to become overwhelmed and lose our peace. However, God promises us peace no matter what is happening around us. People look for peace in many ways, but lasting peace comes only through Jesus Christ.

• Faith by Saying for Finances, a CD by Kenneth E. Hagin. Discover how to activate your faith for the financial prosperity the Lord has provided for you.


Offer expires December 31, 2023

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