Refresh 2023

Refresh 2023

Refresh 2023

As we continue the mandate of "Go Teach My People Faith.", Kenneth Hagin Ministries of Canada has been hosting meetings across Canada in 2023.  These meetings have been tremendous times of teaching, preaching, prayer, healing, and demonstration of the Gifts of the Spirit.

Keep a close eye on our events page for upcoming meetings near you.



I want to shout out a BIG HUGE THANK YOU for having the Refresh Meetings in Red Deer!! I was/ am tremendously blessed through every single one of the meetings I attended. In every session I attended I was encouraged, strengthened, built up or learned something new through the preaching, teaching and demonstrations of the word. What a tremendous sense of victory while singing in the spirit as instructed by Pastor Trevor and praying corporately. I loved the faith teaching. I feel like some of already existing knowledge became revelation, got more solidified, cemented in. The example of holding on to your confession of faith likened to ordering food in a restaurant so stuck with me. So simple, yet sure "brought home the point:" :) I know much happened while at the meetings. And I know I am still reaping, more freedoms and victories are taking place as a result of the meetings. So THANK YOU for all your investment of time and resources, all that went into holding the Refresh meetings in Red Deer!! I absolutely enjoyed them, every minute of it :) I pray all that you have sown, all your seed, shall be multiplied back to you manyfold!! Blessings and increase to you, KB

"I wanted to thank you for travelling to Red Deer to minister to us.  I'm sure there was a lot going on behind the scenes to put on the meetings. They were truly "ReFreshing".  I really enjoyed each minister and appreciated that they were Canadian.  I'll be praying for your meetings in Woodstock." 
"The Refresh Meeting (in Woodstock) was amazing. I encourage you to continue holding those types of meetings throughout Canada - I believe the local church is in great need of that kind of ministry."
"Just wanted to send a note of congratulations and thanks for such a great weekend.  Very well organized, powerful messages, and so grateful for Rev. Crowl. #refresh2023 #pickafight"
"What a wonderful, powerful time together. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all. My heart is full!"

Previous Messages

Rev. Adrian Weening - Refresh2023 -Smiths Falls, ON


 Wendy Marshall - Prayer Session, Smiths Falls, ON 


Rev. Gary Crowl - Refresh2023, Woodstock, ON



 Jordan Marshall - Refresh2023 - Woodstock, ON


Wendy Marshall - Refresh 2023 - Woodstock, ON



Adrian Weening - Refresh 2023 - Surrey, BC 



Trevor Neufeld - Refresh 2023 - Surrey, BC 


Gary Hennenfent - Refresh2023 - Surrey, BC 


 Jeni Neufeld - Refresh2023 - Surrey, BC


Jordan & Wendy Marshall - Refresh2023 - Surrey, BC



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