Word Partners

RHEMA's Word Partner Club Working Together to Reach the World

Have you ever dropped a stone into water? Small waves rise up at the point of impact and travel in all directions. It's called a ripple effect. That's the kind of impact Christians are meant to have in this world—the kind of impact that the RHEMA family is producing in the earth today. We are dedicated to sharing the message of faith, hope, and healing available to every person through Jesus Christ. We are doing our part to make a difference in this world. God has given us a vast work to do, and we can't do it alone. That's why the RHEMA Word Partner Club exists. We know we can't fulfill God's call without the help of like-minded believers. Our Word Partners are vital members of the RHEMA family. They help fulfill God's plan for this ministry. Together, we are reaching across generations, cultures, and nations to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to every corner of the earth.

With the financial support Kenneth Hagin Ministries of Canada receives from our Word Partners, we provide support to both RHEMA Bible Training College Italy and RHEMA Bible Training College Mexico.

For more information or to join please email us at info@rhemacanada.org