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Do I Really Have to Forgive? (CD)

Do I Really Have to Forgive? (CD)

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Do you hold grudges or keep records of how people have wronged you? Do you punish others with guilt trips? Let's face it—forgiving isn't easy. When someone hurts you, it can be hard to let go of that offense. But forgiveness is not optional for a Christian! God has forgiven you. And He expects you to extend that forgiveness to others.

Forgiveness is vital in our Christian walk. Unforgiveness and resentment set us up for failure. When we refuse to forgive, we are not just breaking God's command—we are breaking His heart. Letting go of the hurt and pain inflicted by others takes work. It is a process which begins in the heart—and in the Word. God's Word will empower us to forget the past, forgive others, and forgive ourselves. When we do, we position ourselves to live in the freedom that forgiveness brings.

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