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Enjoying New Life in Christ - RHEMA PRAISE TV OFFER

Enjoying New Life in Christ - RHEMA PRAISE TV OFFER

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Say goodbye to a past marked by failure and defeat. Embrace and enjoy your new life in Christ, where victory and success await as you exercise your rights and privileges in Him.

• Hold Fast to the Word, a 2-CD set by Kenneth E. Hagin. Learn how to hang on to what is good. You don't have to lose to the devil. All of God's promises can happen for you—if you learn to hold fast.

• Our Rights in Christ, a 2-CD set by Kenneth W. Hagin. Discover the authority believers have in Jesus. When you understand your authority, you can speak God's Word in faith and put His power to work on your behalf.

• It's Your Time to Shine, a slimline book by Lynette Hagin. The cares of life can make us feel tired and tarnished. But God has provided a way to be refreshed and renewed so we can shine brightly for Him.

Offer expires: May 31, 2024


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