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God's Anointed Word (2 CDs) - NEW RELEASE!

God's Anointed Word (2 CDs) - NEW RELEASE!

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Health and healing belong to us. First Peter 2:24, Matthew 8:17, and Isaiah 53:4–5 all say that God wants us to be healthy. In His mind, He has already healed us. We were healed when sin, sickness, and disease were laid on Jesus when He was crucified.

So how do we receive that healing today? First, we have to know that the Bible is God speaking to us. It’s His words. And they’re anointed—they’re full of His power. Those words are able to accomplish what He meant them to do when He said them. Kenneth E. Hagin explains how hearing God’s powerful Word, believing it, and acting on it will deliver us from sin, sickness, and anything else that binds us.

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