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How to Speak to Your Mountain (1 CD) - NEW RELEASE

How to Speak to Your Mountain (1 CD) - NEW RELEASE

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We all face mountains—trials, hardships, and difficulties—at some point in our lives. Knowing what to do at those times determines whether we move the mountain or are crushed by it.

God has made a way for us to overcome impossible situations and move mountains. The Bible says when we tell a mountain to move and don’t doubt in our hearts that it will, we’ll get the results we’re looking for.

Kenneth W. Hagin expounds on Mark chapter 11 and shares personal anecdotes from his youth that will inspire you to move the mountains in your life. Whatever problem you face—despair, sickness, debt, family difficulties, or anything else—you can climb out from under it. Don’t talk about your mountain; talk to it! And keep talking to it until it moves out of the way.

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