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It Shall Come to Pass Series (3 CDs) - NEW RELEASE!

It Shall Come to Pass Series (3 CDs) - NEW RELEASE!

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Don't Give Up!

When God has shown you His plan for your future but it seems as if nothing is happening, what do you do? Find solid answers in the biblical account of the life of Joseph. This man had many difficulties, but the way he handled them put him in position to receive God’s blessings. Learn what to do after God gives you a dream and before you see it come to pass. Avoid the common mistake of trying to make your dream happen. Discover how faith, focus, and forgiveness lead you to a life overflowing with God’s favor and the fulfillment of His plan for you. If He has given you a dream, don’t doubt it. If His plan seems delayed, don’t quit. As with Joseph, when you hold on to the dream God gave you, and you trust Him no matter what, it shall come to pass! ℗ © 2024

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