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Living In Continual Peace (CD)

Living In Continual Peace (CD)

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When playing the children’s game of hide-and-seek, we have to “work” to find the playmates who hid themselves. We seek them by looking under or behind things. Peace is found in the same way. Psalm 34:14 (NLT) says, “Turn away from evil and do good. Search for peace, and work to maintain it.”

Everyday life can hide peace. That happens when we allow fear, anxiety, sadness, busyness, strife, and anger to bury it. The turmoil and stress in our lives can seem endless. But there is hope. God made a way for us to have and experience peace.

Rev. Denise Hagin Burns shows us how to keep our imaginations from going wild with “what ifs,” how to identify trash and truth thoughts, and how to let the peace of Christ rule in every situation. A worry- and fear-free life is available. By learning how to pursue peace, we can always experience it, even when storms surround us.

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