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Manifestations of the Glory of God (1 DVD)

Manifestations of the Glory of God (1 DVD)

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Get Ready for More!

We live in the greatest days! Great things have happened, and greater things are going to happen. God wants to demonstrate His power in a way everyone can see it. But it is not His power alone that does it. We add faith to it and come together in unity—worshipping and praising God. He will inhabit our praises and manifest in our midst.

In this session from a 1983 Holy Spirit Seminar, Kenneth E. Hagin lays a solid Biblical foundation for the coming move of God. Learn how God's Spirit operates and ways to cooperate. Watch as the Holy Spirit moves and prophetic words come forth. The phenomenal manifestations we have already seen are just the tip of the iceberg! Know what to do to get ready for more.

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