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The Faith of God (1 CD) - NEW RELEASE

The Faith of God (1 CD) - NEW RELEASE

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What Does the Faith of God Look Like?

In the beginning, God turned the lights on by speaking. He said, ‶Let there be light,″ and light was. He said it. He believed it. And He had it. God spoke words and things changed. Why? Because He believed they would change. And they did. God went on to create everything in the universe that way—through words. The same is true for us. We create our world through the words we speak. In the Bible, Mark 11:23 tells us we can move any mountain by talking to it. So when a situation looks like it's getting worse, we need to find in the Bible what God said about it and keep speaking those words to it. If we cover disease, financial situations, and adversity of any kind with God's words coming out of our mouths, we will see mountains move. 

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