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The Holy Spirit's Gift to You - RHEMA PRAISE OFFER

The Holy Spirit's Gift to You - RHEMA PRAISE OFFER

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God gave us the gift of His Spirit to dwell in us for our benefit. Learn how to take full advantage of the Gift that resides within you!

What's Included?

• Holy Spirit Series, 6 CDs by Kenneth E. Hagin. This series gives in-depth teaching on the subject of the Holy Spirit—Who He is, what He does in and for every believer, and how speaking in tongues benefits us.

• How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny, a book by Kenneth W. Hagin. The foundational principles in this book will help you understand that every Christian has a divine destiny, what that destiny is, and how to fulfill it.

• Keep the Fire Burning, a CD by Lynette Hagin. Do you feel as though you have lost your passion for God? Ask Him to set you on fire. It's never too late to stir yourself up and let the flame of God burn in you again.

Offer expires: March 29, 2024


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