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This Is Only A Test (CD)

This Is Only A Test (CD)

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Testing, One, Two, Three

Have you ever watched television and been interrupted by a series of loud beeping noises followed by the announcement: “This is a test of the Emergency Alert System. This is only a test. If this had been an actual emergency. . . .” Were you afraid? No, because you knew it was a test. The adversities of life come to everyone. However, when you realize the troubles you encounter are only tests, you don’t have to live in fear!

When you know the Word and who you are in Christ, you will never have an emergency. Although you will face tests, they are temporary. God cares about the details of your life and will make extraordinary things happen when you trust Him. You can take courage today because your loving Heavenly Father has drawn up a master plan for you—a plan for victory!

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